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NUDE Vodka™ Adds Hall of Fame Quarterback, John Elway to the Team. 

NUDE Spirits, LLC the brains behind NUDE Vodka™; an American-born ultra-premium masterpiece, inked an agreement with the legendary John Elway to sit on their Advisory Board. 

Two of the most important traits for a quarterback are leadership skills and the ability to communicate a vision. John Elway used these qualities to become the winningest quarterback of all time; and now brings these advantages to NUDE Spirits.

 “We are honored to have John Elway on our team. Most people know John as the Hall of Fame Quarterback from Denver.  I think of John as a savvy businessman, a leader, a philanthropist and someone who will play a significant role in the success of NUDE Vodka.”  says Shawn Harlan, CEO and founder of NUDE Spirits.

 “NUDE Vodka is the smoothest vodka I have ever had; a true sipping vodka.  I am honored to be on the NUDE Vodka team and look forward to growing our brand to be a global contender in the spirits industry” says John Elway.

About NUDE Vodka
NUDE Vodka™ has created a new standard for excellence in the ultra-premium vodka segment. Today, NUDE Vodka’s chic personality and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts.

Filtered five-times over crushed volcanic lava rock and distilled in the High Cascades of the Pacific Northwest, USA, NUDE Vodka uses only the freshest natural ingredients and pure Cascade Mountain water to create a vodka masterpiece.  



John Elway / Nude Vodka

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